Testing Solutions


Vanguard Lab Sciences is committed to curing the workplace drug epidemic by pairing cutting edge technology with proprietary workflow to monitor more relevant analytes than any forensic lab on the commercial market today. With the most extensive NIDA 5, Expanded NIDA 5 and NPS confirmation panels, Vanguard is the clear leader in the workplace drug testing space.   The Vanguard difference is seen in the breadth and depth of our test menu which includes more than 280 relevant analytes and multiple NPS drug classes; Experience the Vanguard Difference


  • Three step verification process which further reduces the incidence of false positive or false negative result
  • 48-72 hour turnaround time for ALL positive results
  • Fully automated workflow decreases human error and increases accuracy by utilizing definitive LC-HRMS testing in place of traditional reflex testing
  • Lab of choice for employers who value breadth of menu, precision and speed.

Vanguard Lab Sciences will work with you and your team to develop customized drug testing protocols that fit disparate environments and decrease workplace accidents, improve safety, increase productivity and ultimately reduce healthcare premium costs.

  • Pre-employment safety measure– to identify risky behavior as a preventative measure against the hiring of individuals who abuse drugs and to maintain a drug-free workplace.
  • Random/periodic safety measure- to determine drug use by employees and serve as a deterrent within the organization.
  • Reasonable suspicion or for cause safety measure- to seek a diagnosis of drug misuse by an employee demonstrating suspicious behavior
  • Post-accident safety measure-  to identify if drug-related substances were the contributing factor in the workplace accident.
  • Return-to-duty safety measure– to confirm adherence following a violation of a company’s drug policy.