Commonly referred to as K2, Spice, fake weed, pineapple express, among many many others, synthetic cannabinoids or synthetic marijuana affects the brain in a similar way to classic cannabinol, yet can also have severe adverse effects. Unlike natural cannabis, synthetic marijuana can cause psychotic symptoms of hallucinations and paranoia, euphoria, feelings of deep relaxation and withdrawal symptoms.

While classic cannabis stems from a plant, synthetic cannabinoids are usually made by spraying chemicals onto dried plant material that can either be smoked or chemically turned into liquid for smoking devices such as e-cigarettes or vaping products.



  • relaxation
  • pain relief
  • dizziness
  • drowsiness

Common Street Names

4:20, Algerian Blend, Annihilation, Armageddon, Atomic Blast, Atomic Bomb, Bamboo, Berries, Berry Bomb, Big Bang, Black Ice, Black Mamba, Black, Blue Cheese, Blue Magic, Bombay Blue, Bubble Blast, Bud Factory, Bud-a-licious, Buzz Haze, Cherry Bomb, Cherry Drop, Chillout, Clockwork Orange Reloaded, Clockwork Orange, Cotton Candy, Critical Haze, Devils Mamba, Devil’s Venom, Devil’s Weed, Diamond Black, Diesel, Doctor Green Thumb, Doob, Dutchy, Eclipse, Ecsess, Epic, Exodus Damnation, Exodus, Exodus Nightshade, EX-SES, Extreme Smoke, Extreme, Funky Buddha Gold, Genesis, Gold Seal, Green Crack, Green Dream, Happy Joker, Hawaiian Haze, Haze, Head Trip, Herb, Herbal Haze, High Grade, Hipster, Holy Smokes, Hot Box, Hush, Iblaze, Ice Bud Supercold, Ja Rush, Jammin Joker, Joker Spice, Juicy Leaf, K2, Kanna, King B, King Cobra, King Joker, Kush, Kronic, Layer Cake, Limitless, Loop, Low Rider, Mad Hatter, Magic Dragon, Mary J, Mary Jane, Mary Joy, Meadow Sweet, Moon Rocks, Mr Bad Guy, Mr Nice Guy, Obliteration, Oblivion, Odyssey, One Wish, Pandora’s Box, Paradox Fusion, Paradox, Phoenix, Pineapple Express, Platinum Caution, Psyclone, Rapture, Red Wall, Revolver, Scooby Snax, Sensate, Sirius, Sky High, Smokey, Sonic Boom, Spell Bound, Spice, Spike 99, Spun Out, Squidgy Black, Strawberry Cough, Sub Zero, Sweet Leaf Obliteration, Sweet Leaf, Tai High, Tangerine Dream, Thingy, Top Gear, Train Wreck, Ultimate, Vertex Pirate Edition, Vertex, Viper, Voodoo Gold, Voodoo, Voyager, Warrior, Weed, White Widow, Wicked, X, XXX Extreme, Zeus, Zion, Zoot

Synthetic Cannabinoids are used by some military personnel who are likely to evade detection because standard drug test cannot detect many synthetic cannabinoids.”

-According to the DEA’s 2016 National Drug Threat Assessment report

“The APPCC reported a 111% increase in the number of calls emergency centers received due to synthetic cannabinoids positioning between 2014 and 2015.”