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A Message from Vanguard Lab Sciences

“As a father of four and dedicated husband of 14 years, my vision for Vanguard is two-fold;  fill a large void in the Forensic drug-testing space while making our global communities safer places to live and work for my family and yours.  You found your way to us so maybe you share a similar vision either at home or at work? 

Our goal with the website is to provide a dynamic teaching instrument that provides our stakeholders with a platform to learn so they can in turn educate those around them.  As servant leaders, we welcome constructive ideas that will allow us to more expeditiously satisfy our covenant to give back to you and your community.  Please send along feedback as you have it.  Otherwise enjoy the content and the rest of your day, wherever you may be!”

-Tim Tatarowicz, Founder and CEO
Vanguard Lab Sciences

drug testing guru