In 2016,

116 people died every day

from opioid-related drug overdoses

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 Changing The World One Analyte At A Time

Vanguard Lab Sciences offers a full range of workplace testing solutions that include industry-leading panels of synthetic and NPS drugs of abuse. Our team of experts takes a consultative approach when working with our clients to customize programs that improve safety and increase productivity while reducing workplace accidents and costs associated with un-identified drug abuse.

A Different Kind of Test

The “Status-Quo” is no longer acceptable

Traditional Workplace drug testing is failing both employers and employees because of a new class of drugs that is being abused at record-setting rates. The DEA defines this class of drugs as New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), which are readily available online, in gas stations, or head shops, and are increasingly popular because they evade detection by today’s routine drug tests.


Vanguard Lab Sciences (VLS) endeavors to solve this epidemic by leveraging highly selective qualitative and quantitative analytical instrumentation and patent-pending methodology to introduce the Nation’s most sophisticated drug tests on the commercial market today.


The VLS team of experts, with over 100 combined years of Forensic Science experience, takes a consultative approach with our clients to help shape the best practices around today’s most pressing compliance needs. Our mission is to educate and ultimately partner with key stakeholders who value a drug-free workplace and endeavor to decrease spend while increasing employee satisfaction and retention.


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Changing Face of the Drug Epidemic

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  • “Many psychoactive substances affect human thought and behavior, and their use is often an attempt to control one’s own thought processes and mental capacity. Thus, the effects of drugs on performance are likely to influence critically how they are used, and we should expect to find drugs in the workplace just as we would in any situation in which they have adaptive value.” Research Advances in Alcohol and Drug Problems, Volume 11: Drug Testing in the Workplace, 1994.
  • A 2017 nationwide survey commissioned by the National Safety Council (NSC) revealed prescription drug abuse impacts 70% of US workplaces- “a hidden workplace epidemic”.
  • The 2016 Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index (DTI) data shows the highest workplace drug positivity rate in a decade, and one in 25 of all employees tested in the Drug Testing Index pool tested positive for a drug they could not otherwise explain via a prescription.





According to the DEA, “NPS are used by people of all ages. NPS may be particularly attractive to users wanting to use controlled substances while avoiding workplace drug testing. Traditional drug tests do not test for the vast variety of NPS. When tests are developed for a particular NPS, users can easily switch to another substance that has not yet been included.”